This is the website of the Hildersham History Recorders, which is one of the groups in the Cambridge Community Archive Network. Here you can browse through our collection of local historical material, which includes photos, old documents and the memories of local people.  If you would like to look at other historical items related to Hildersham please click on the following link http://www.hildersham.org.uk/history.htm

About us

Hildersham History Recorders is a small group dedicated to collecting, transcribing and recording any historical item, i.e. map, photograph or document related to Hildersham.  We’re always interested in new recruits, so if you’re interested please contact us.

Some of these photographs are derived from the previous Linton & District Community Archive Group pages.  If you would like to find out any additional information about the photographs or the History groups from the following villages please contact their contributor directly:

Abington History Group: – Contact Jennifer Hirsh – jennifer@hirsh.demon.co.uk

Balsham History Group: – Contact Jenifer Googh – jenigooch@yahoo.co.uk  &

Ian & Margaret Creek – ian.creek@mypostoffice.co.uk

West Wickham History Club: – Contact – Janet Morris – jmmorris@jmmorris.plus.com

Linton & District Historical Society: – Contact Garth Collard – garthcollard@btinternet.com

Contributing to the site

You can add a comment about anything on the website by clicking on the ‘Add a comment’ link at the bottom of each page.

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